The Cryptoverse

Creative Edge Publishing's newest story universe

Creative Edge Publishing's newest story universe

The International Society of Cryptozoology, which originally operated between 1982 to 1998, is not dead. But its reincarnation is under way.

The International Society of Cryptozoological Studies was founded in 2017 by billionaire oil and tech mogul Abrar Ansari, and is based in Dubai.

Now, a team has been assembled. They are sent out on expeditions to verify or debunk the existence of legendary animals. Sometimes they are tasked with capturing one as well.

The unofficial team leader is Daniel Marksmen, a college dropout that has devoted his life to cryptozoology after an encounter that happened when he was a child.

Samantha Wainwright is a marine biologist who accepted her position on the team after losing her job at the Monterey Bay Institute.

Gerald Leingwich—a professor of marine biology—finds himself in a similar situation to Samantha. He accepts the position, skeptical they will find anything at all.

Boyd Matherson is a prodigy, with degrees in zoology, ecology, paleontology, and physiology—a walking encyclopedia and self-proclaimed expert in everything.

Alexis Smith is a recent paleontology graduate from Virginia Tech, originally hailing from the UK.

Tadashi Stinison is an ex-marine, airplane pilot, with many secrets from his past.

Claudia Silverstone is the company representative, both older and wiser than she looks, she is Abrar's right-hand woman, having the final word in team decisions.

Official seal of the ISCS

Official seal of the ISCS

As we follow the adventures of the ISCS team, they will encounter legendary creatures, secret organizations, government coverups, larger than life monsters, and many more mysteries.

Their first destination is Inverness, Scotland.

Loch Ness.


There is also something else on the horizon, something large and terrible, that may require the formation of a new team, with a new mission.

Official seal of the ISCS Kaiju Research Unit

Official seal of the ISCS Kaiju Research Unit


Look for the first three stories to drop in September/October 2017!


- Taylor Ward | Founder | Author


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