The Lost World 20th Anniversary - How one movie shaped my childhood

The Lost World may just be the most influential movie of my childhood.
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Jurassic Park is the first movie I remember seeing.

I know it is not the first movie I ever watched, but it is the first I have a distinct memory of watching. Specifically, at my grandmother's house, on VHS, while cowering behind the couch as a terrified child.

One would think that such a traumatic experience would turn me off of dinosaurs, but it had quite the opposite effect. It started my love affair with creatures long dead.

Fast forward to 1997, and I was finally old enough to go to the theaters to see the sequel, The Lost World, which I saw at least a half-dozen times that summer at the fifty cent theater near our house.

I remember obsessively watching The Lost World when it came out on VHS, complete with the holographic cover, and playing night and day with the dinosaur toys from Kenner.

All in all, The Lost World may just be the most influential movie of my childhood. I loved it, at the time more so than the original for sure, and perhaps I could make an argument that I enjoy it most out of the series even as an adult.

That is until Jurassic World came out. But that's another story for another time.

The Lost World has its 20th anniversary today. As amazing as it is that a movie twenty years old can still stand the test of time with its incredible special effects and gripping, dark story, it is the fact that my childhood, so determinately over now that my wife and I have just finished buying a house, can be so readily recalled at just the mention of its name.

The Lost World, along with Godzilla, Spider-Man, and Star Wars, have left a lasting impact on my life lived and presumably on my life yet left to live, and the stories I choose to tell and create.

I owe it and all involved with its making a debt of gratitude for the imagination it helped me to grow.

I hope others take the time to appreciate it for what it is, an underrated masterpiece of cinema told by one of the great directors of film history, arguably about the greatest subject.

Dinosaurs have continued with me far longer than many perhaps think they should. Look at my fiction for proof. A dinosaur is bound to pop up at one point or another.  I am not ashamed to admit that and I will not apologize.

We have this movie to thank for it.

Happy Anniversary


- Taylor Ward | Founder | Author

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Copyright © Universal Studios



Thanks to everyone out there keeping the fandom alive.

You know who you are.