Author Interview: Steve Alten


Creative Edge Publishing: Which is harder for you to write, the first sentence or the last?

Steve Alten:  Probably the first; by the last, you are in the groove and know the story.

CEP: What made you choose a giant prehistoric shark as the basis of your first novel?

Steve: Megalodon had no rivals; it was the biggest, scariest predator of all time. Nuff said.

CEP: Did you ever imagine it would become as popular as it has, even being made into a movie?

Steve: Actually, I imagined it even a bigger success. I think the movie will launch the series into the stratosphere.

CEP: Can you give us any hints about the movie?

Steve: Even if I was privy to that, I have a gag order. But I truly believe the movie(s) will be billion dollar grosses.

CEP: One of my favorite novels of yours was The Loch, and I particularly enjoyed when you crossed it over with the MEG series in Vostok, what made you decide to do that?

Steve: It occurred to me how alike the protagonists Jonas Taylor (MEG) and Zachary Wallace (The Loch) were, and in a real world they'd be in touch to compare notes. The big difference is that Jonas was a man of action forced to become an academic, and Zach was an academic forced to become a man of action.

CEP: Your new novel, Undisclosed comes out June 6, what can you tell us about the writing process behind this novel?

Steve: Wow... totally unique. It started with an absolutely real UFO sighting days before I met Dr. Steven M. Greer, the foremost authority on UFOs and ETs and led to me editing his book, UNACKNOWLEDGED and using his incredible resources, interviews, and experienced to create my novel, UNDISCLOSED.

UNDISCLOSED comes out June 6, 2017

UNDISCLOSED comes out June 6, 2017

By Steve Alten

CEP: You mean you had a UFO encounter? Can you explain what happened?

Steve: (Read Steve Alten's explanation of what happened Dec. 14, 2013, in this post)

CEP: Is this the start of a new series, or will it have ties to one of your existing?

Steve:  It's most likely stand-alone, but we'll see.

CEP: Can you explain your self-adopted genre of "Faction?’

Steve:  UNDISCLOSED is "faction" in that the details and history, as well as the events described, are all real, the fiction is that the story hasn't happened... yet.

CEP: Are there any other projects you’re excited about?

Steve: Very much so. I'm about a hundred pages into MEG: Generations, and once that is finished, I'll be jumping into Sharkman-2.

CEP: Can't wait for that! Any future plans for the MEG/Loch series besides the new book?

Steve:  Absolutely. Both MEG & The Loch have been optioned as movies, with MEG in post production for an August 10, 2018 release.

CEP:  That sure is exciting! Last question, what advice would you give to any new authors out there?

Steve: I always tell new authors to write what they enjoy reading, not what they think they know and then do the research.

CEP: Thanks so much for doing this interview with us.

Steve: Thanks, Taylor!


Steve Alten is a New York Times Best Selling Author famous for many novels, including Domain, Goliath, The Loch, and of course his very popular prehistoric shark series, MEG.

Steve also launched Adopt-An-Author, a nationwide non-profit program designed to encourage students to read.

To date, over 10,000 teachers have registered, and the success rate in getting teens to read has been unprecedented. Steve now spends half his work week working with high schools. For more information visit

You can also find writing tips from him on his website.

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