Who are we and what do we do?

Allow us to explain.

We are Creative Edge Publishing and we produce awesome genre fiction.

We are based out of Denver, Colorado, and we like to think we are a little different than your average indie publishing house, or any online business for that matter. We are a team of writers and illustrators working to produce the highest quality genre fiction we can that everyone can enjoy.

Our mission is simple: Tell awesome stories that people will want to read. In that way, we are trying to help people around the world read more. Reading is good for you. But people seem to have forgotten that. It is our goal to spread the joy of reading again with large story universes spanning multiple books and characters so you will never run out of things to read.

We work with a variety of artists, both local and not, to add spice to the words on the screen and page, and are also open to story pitches from aspiring writers.

We currently have several series in production and more in the planning stages.

We know you and your family will enjoy our books, and we look forward to sharing our stories with you..

Welcome to the #ReadingRevolution

Our Team:


Founder/Author - Taylor Ward

Author/Illustrator - Stefan Matherson

Editor - Jazmin McCoy


We also do work with a variety of artists like Lorin Olsen!